2022-2023 School Supply Lists


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1 large backpack (please label with child’s name on the outside)
2 JUMBO Elmer’s glue sticks (disappearing purple, if possible!)
1 marbled composition notebook
1 change of clothes (pants, shirt,
socks & underwear- please label with the child’s name
1 container of baby wipes
GIRLS ONLY: 1 box of tissues and 1 box of quart Ziploc bags
BOYS ONLY: 1 roll of paper towels, 1 box of gallon Ziploc bags

2 large rolls of paper towels
2 boxes of Crayola brand crayons **NO FAT or TRIANGLE crayons please
1 large box of tissues
2 Elmer’s’ glue sticks
BOYS: 1 box of gallon-sized Ziploc bags
GIRLS: 1 box of sandwich-sized Ziploc bags
2 wide ruled composition notebooks
1 pair of scissors
1 standard size backpack with a zipper (with child’s name written on it)
1 pack of 4 Fine Point Dry Erase
Black Expo Markers
1 extra set of clothes in a bag with name on it (seasonally appropriate)
1 plastic pencil box
1 water bottle
1 extra set of clothes in Bag (please label the bag with the child’s name)

Grade 1
Pencil box
24 sharpened pencils
1 pair scissors (child friendly)
4 boxes crayons
2 marble composition books
4 Elmer’s glue sticks
4 large boxes of tissues
1 box quart-sized Ziploc bags (girls)
1 box gallon-sized Ziploc bags (boys)
2 large rubber erasers
2 packs of Fine Point (Black) Dry Erase Markers
2 pocket folders w/clasps

Grade 2
Box of pencils (10+)
1 pair scissors (child friendly)
1 box of 24 count crayons
PLASTIC pocket folders with clasps and pockets
3 marble composition books (ELA, math, social sciences)
1 pack WIDE ruled notebook paper
2 large glue sticks
2 boxes of tissues
Ziploc bags: Boys-sandwich size; Girls-gallon size
Expo Dry Erase Markers, thin black
Pencil top erasers
pencil box
1 pack (thin) markers OR colored sharpened pencils
Hand sanitizer
Pair of earbuds or headphones
Boys: disinfecting wipes
Girls: 1 roll of paper towels

Grade 3
Child-friendly scissors
1 box of colored pencils (no more than 12)
2 boxes of Crayola crayons
2 glue sticks
2 packs of sharpened pencils(no mechanical)
2 packs of wide-ruled loose-leaf paper
8 dry erase markers
1 pack of 3x3in. Post-it notes
Pack of 4×6 index cards
1 1-subject spiral notebook
2 folders with pockets and clips
1 large pencil bag
2 highlighters
2 boxes of tissues
1 roll of paper towels
Boys: 1 box of quart size zip-loc baggies
Girls: 1 box of gallon size zip-loc baggies
1 Clorox wipes

Grade 4
1 pack crayons OR colored pencils
7 single subject notebooks ( 2 red, 2 blue, 1 green, 2 yellow)
2 large glue stick
1 pack of crayons
2 pack of pencils
1 pair of scissors

3 boxes of tissues
pencil case or bag
1 4-pack of Black Dry Erase Markers
2 Highlighter Pens
Boys: 1 box gallon sized bags
Girls: 1 box quart-sized bags

Grade 5
2 packs wide ruled paper
2 boxes of pencils (not mechanical)
5 Expo Markers
2 boxes of tissues
4 spiral notebooks
5 Expo markers
5 folders
Boys: 1 box of gallon size bags
Girls: 1 box of quart size bags
3 large glue sticks
4 packs sticky notes
1 pack of index cards
art box or pencil box
2 highlighters
crayons or colored pencils

All supplies are to be labeled with child’s name.
Supplies may need to be replaced during the school year.